Business Profile: Veggie Victory, Nigeria’s First Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant



first nigerian vegetarian restaurant
First Nigerian Vegetarian Restaurant


Looking for a healthy vegetarian food choice? Look no further, as Veggie Victory, the first ever Nigerian Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant, located in Freedom Park, Lagos offers its customers a wide range of vegan and vegetarian meals that are very healthy and sumptuous. Veggie Victory was born many years ago, but started operations officially in May 2013

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Hakeem Jimo, the owner of Veggie Victory who has been living a vegetarian life for 15 years even before he started his business, decided to start Veggie Victory because he knows there are a percentage of Nigerians that would like meatless meal options occasionally. Veggie Victory is concerned about Nigerians eating and staying healthy, that’s why on their menu you would find meat-free options like Vegan Suya, Veggie Burger, Soy Hot Dogs and some Nigerian dishes like Egusi, Eforiro and Jollof Rice. Customers’ best choice on their menu list happens to be the Vegan meat which is made from wheat protein or ‘tofu’. They also offer a Vegan version of Nigeria’s popular pepper soup.


Their smoothies and juices with fresh seasonal fruits as well as the shakes with soy milk or soy yoghurt are fantastic for quenching thirst. Nigerians who want great the health benefits that being a vegetarian offers- renewed skin, feeling of lightness and flexibility, and easy maintenance of an ideal weight- should visit Veggie Victory to discover the secret of eating and staying healthy. Even nutritionists and health & food scientists recommend a vegetable based diet, since it’s useful for weight management, it’s more nutritious, maintains a healthier heart, boosts the immune system, gives healthier hair, increases vigour and vitality and is also anti-cancer.


You can visit Veggie Victory’s Facebook page to see people’s testimonials about their food and services.
Veggie Victory Freedom Park (Old Prison Ground Broad Str.) No. 1 Hospital Road – Lagos Island